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May 6, 2007 at 9:58 pm | Posted in MicroISV | Comments Off on Name Change

I’ve changed the name of the company behind Text2Go from MG IT Consulting Pty Ltd to Tumbywood Software. Or more accurately, I’ve registered Tumbywood Software as an additional trading name. I’ve never really liked MG IT Consulting as a name and it’s completely inappropriate for a company that is looking to produce its first software product.

How did I come up with Tumbywood Software? It’s not a clever play on words, it has nothing to do with computers, software or anything in the tech industry. Instead there’s a Tumbywood Rd that my wife and I drive past regularly.  It struck me as an unusual but interesting sounding name and when I mentioned this to my wife she confessed that she’d also thought the same for a while. We both agreed that it would be a good name for a company.

Tumbywood Hamlet in our imaginationI did a search on the web and found that there were only two distinct references to Tumbywood. Most were local planning documents or real estate ads that mentioned Tumbywood Rd. The other reference was to a Tumbywood hamlet in Lincolnshire, England, listed in an 1851 census document.

Photo courtesy of johnelamper

So, we secured the domain names, and and registered the trading name. From now on, Text2Go will be produced by Tumbywood Software.

However as most customers are more interested in the product rather than the company behind it, Tumbywood Software will rarely get a mention, featuring only in places such as the Text2Go copyright notice.


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