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 Today I received an enquiry on how things were progressing and with very little signs of visible progress recently, I’d thought I’d write a quick piece on where things are at.

My current short-term goals are to

  • Get a new version of the beta out.
  • Release Text2Go onto the market.

The next version of the beta will work with a new set of high quality voices. I am currently working through the contractual arrangements with a voice provider and hope to have everything signed and sealed in about two weeks time. This has been a long and drawn out process and in hindsight I should have started this much earlier in the piece.

One of the benefits of the new voices is that they come with a custom dictionary editor. This allows users to provide guidance to the text to speech engine for any words that it may have trouble correctly pronouncing. This is great for any jargon laiden text that’s full of acronyms, abbreviations and concatenated words (e.g. microISV).

One of the design decisions I’ve been grappling with concerns the trial version of Text2Go. On the one hand I want to strongly encourage prospective users to try Text2Go with a high quality voice. Microsoft Sam, the built-in voice that ships with Windows XP just sounds terrible. However a high quality voice file can be rather large in size (e.g. 30-100Mb). Therefore if I include a high quality voice with the Text2Go trial, users could be faced with a very large download. This is likely to discourage a lot of people from even downloading it. The approach I’ve decided to take is to keep Text2Go as a standalone download which is just under 3Mb. When Text2Go starts up, it will pop up a prompt, recommending that they download a high quality voice for use with the trial. They will be given the option to download the voice, defer the download for another day or never download the voice. I hope this will turn out to be a reasonable compromise.

The other feature I want to include in the next version of the beta is support for Windows Vista. One of the exciting things about Windows Vista on the text to speech front is the inclusion of a new voice, Microsoft Anna. Anna is much better quality than Sam and is even starting to approach the quality of some of the commercial voices. This has a couple of benefits that I can see.

  • It will give a lot more people easy access to decent text to speech technology and hopefully raise the profile of text to speech.
  • It will put some pressure on the commerical text to speech providers to improve the quality of their desktop voice offerings.

The release of Text2Go onto the market will hopefully follow the beta version quite quickly. I’ve got most of the payment processing and licensing functionality ready to go. There is a bit of work to provide an optional CD shipment but I won’t delay the release if this is not quite set up. 

Just over a month ago I posted the first Text2Go beta onto the betanews website. This proved quite successful and I had a number of beta sign ups before Text2Go slipped off the front page. I’ve received some really good feedback, ideas and encouragement. I’m hoping that when I release an updated beta version, I’ll get some more exposure and feedback.

One of the mundane but important tasks that I’ve set up is an offsite backup system for my source code and other resources. For awhile there I had a typical ad hoc process that consisted of burning CD’s, USB key chains and periodically sending a zip archive to my gmail account. I’ve replaced all this with Carbonite, a web based backup system. You just select the folders on your PC that you want to backup and it will automatically backup any changed files to their hosted data centre. The initial backup takes a while, several days in my case for about 1oGb but after that, everything remains backed up pretty much all the time. I like it’s simple design and the fact that all changed files get backed up automatically. It’s one less thing I need to remember to do and it provides great peace of mind.

Looking a bit further into the future, I’m really looking forward to getting started on version 1.1. There are a heap of ideas that I want to implement for the next version.


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  1. Looking forward to the next beta version and the new voices. Regarding the downloading dilemma, I think you’re going with the best solution. Personally I can’t see people wanting to use the program regularly without the high quality voices but someone casually interested may be intimidated with such a huge initial download and of course if they are on a slow connection they probably don’t want to tie up there system until they are sure they like what the program does. Thanks for posting the update.

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