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Mother of Demons by Eric FlintA friend recently alerted me to an extensive free collection of science fiction novels available on the web. These can be found in the Baen Free Library, a service provided by Baen Books, a publishing company specializing in science fiction and fantasy novels.

In addition to the free library which contains over 100 titles, you can also subscribe to their web based version of the serialized novel. For US$15 per month, you will receive 4 novels, delivered in 3 parts over a period of 3 months, leading up to the actual publication date. You are not locked in to a minimum subscription period. You can pick and choose which months you make a purchase and can even purchase a single month if you desire (giving you access to 4 complete novels).

I’ve just started reading ‘Mother of Demons’ by Eric Flint. I’m currently about half way through and it’s proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable read. As it’s in eBook format, I’ve used Text2Go to convert it to speech, so I can listen to it while commuting between home and work. Eric’s writing style converts very easily to speech, so I find myself quickly transported to the alien world of Ishtar. My commuting time has become something to look forward to, rather than dread.

If the rest of the library is as good as ‘Mother of Demons’, then I can see myself working through the whole collection.



  1. […] On the other side of the coin, authors and publishers need to be fairly compensated for their work. There could be nothing worse than spending months and months writing a novel, only to find it freely available all over the net, days after its release. One approach is to provide DRM-free eBooks and place full trust in the consumer. Consumers really appreciate this and I suspect that very few would ever dream of distributing any of the works that they’ve purchased. The most well-known example of this model is Baen Books, which I’ve mentioned before. […]

  2. […] most well-known free Science Fiction collection around is the popular Baen Free Library. I’ve mentioned this site before and I’ve found the books on this site to be of a very high standard. There is also a […]

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I found your web site, and would like to contribute a free sci-fi e-book, if you would like it. (I also have 11 other sci-fi e-books on the net for sale)
    The book is called ‘TRANSPLANT’ and can be found on the Smashwords site, ‘’ and is in just about all formats.

    Below is the synopsis:-

    Stupidity, greed, and isolationistic fundamentalism between the three main super powers had pushed mankind to the very brink of the slippery slope leading to irrevocable mutual destruction. It only needed one more small ‘international incident’ to begin the terminal process of man’s demise on planet earth, and it happened.
    Just before the holocaust began, a small group of wealthy and reasonably sane individuals got together to discuss what could be done to save some small remnant of humankind.
    The conference concluded that a small group of as near genetically perfect people as possible should be sent to another star system, hoping to find a similar planet to earth on which to continue the human race. The main problem with this idea was that the journey would take many generations of human lifetimes to reach even the nearest star system, and that wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a suitable planet.
    Somehow, a small pocket of people had to be protected from the final destruction of earth, and so Project Transplant began, and only just in time.

    I would be pleased to hear from you with any details you may require.
    Kind regards, David.

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