How to Claim your New iPod as a Business Expense

September 17, 2007 at 10:03 pm | Posted in iPod, iTunes, text to speech, Text2Go | Comments Off on How to Claim your New iPod as a Business Expense

The New iPod RangeIf you’re like me, you’re currently deciding which of the new iPods you just must have. Should you go for the ultra thin profile of a nano, the huge storage capacity of a classis or the beautiful display of a touch?

While weighing up these options, I thought I’d see if it was possible to claim an iPod as a business expense. The key to doing this is to turn your iPod into an indispensible business tool.

If you live in the US, you could just go out and buy an iPhone but for those who live in the rest of the world or don’t want to be locked into a phone contract, it’s a little more difficult.

If the iPod had a built-in microphone,  you could use it as a very expensive voice recorder. e.g.

Memo to self “Must chase up Peter for those TPS reports.”

Or you could  purchase Text2Go, a Windows application that will convert any text from the web to speech and transfer it to your iPod.

Text2Go will turn your iPod into an indispensible business tool that will transform your daily commute from a tedious, frustrating, complete waste of time into a highly productive session for listening to news, reports (including TPS), research papers, study courses, blogs and any other information you can find on the web.

So don’t delay, give Text2Go a try today and claim your next iPod as a business expense.

Now back to the original question, which new iPod? The iPod touch is looking very tempting.

Disclaimer: This information was provided by my accountant for my personal tax situation. Your local tax laws may vary, so please seek the advise of your own tax professional.


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