Slowing Down RealSpeak Voices

October 31, 2007 at 9:31 pm | Posted in RealSpeak, text to speech, Text2Go | Comments Off on Slowing Down RealSpeak Voices

Slow DownWe’ve found that sometimes the RealSpeak text to speech voices have a tendency to speak too quickly, making some text difficult to follow. Here is an example of two passages of text read by RealSpeak Karen, an Australian English voice, the first spoken at normal speed, the second spoken at a slightly slower speed.

  1. Normal Speed Sample
  2. Slower Speed Sample 

Photo courtesy of Tub Gurnard

You can easily adjust the speed of a voice using the Text2Go options page. The slower speed sample was generated with the voice speed reduced a couple of notches. You can adjust the voice speed and hear the effect immediately by using the play button to listen to the sample text on the options page.

Slowing down RealSpeak Voices

You may find that your preferences change over time. As you become more accustomed to listening to a voice, you may wish to increase its speed again.

I know that many visually-impaired users adjust the voices of their screen readers to speak at very high rates so they can efficiently navigate around the screen.


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