Text2Go Now Supports all MP3 Players

October 31, 2007 at 8:03 pm | Posted in MP3 Player, text to speech, Text2Go | 2 Comments

Text2Go Options for MP3 PlayersOne of Text2Go’s unique features is its direct integration with iTunes. This allows Text2Go to convert text to speech and import it into iTunes with a single button click. This is great for iPod owners but has meant that owners of other MP3 players have been unsupported.

This has all changed with the new version of Text2Go. You can now create MP3 files which are compatible with all MP3 players. This includes an increasingly diverse range of devices including phones, PDAs, car stereos and of course dedicated MP3 players.

Every Text2Go feature available to iPod owners has been supported, bar one. This includes attaching a screenshot of the source web page to the track (for use as album art), automatic naming the track, setting the Genre, setting the album name (to the source website domain name) and storing the source website page URL in the track comments. The only feature not supported is the automatic deleting of tracks that have been played. It may be possible to support this feature in the future, depending on the method used to sync tracks between your computer and MP3 player.

Text2Go also provides support for saving MP3 files to separate playlists. By default Text2Go will save all MP3 files in a Text2Go folder within your ‘My Music’ folder (this location can be changed via the Text2Go options). If you choose to save an MP3 file to a playlist, then Text2Go will create a subfolder in ‘My Music\Text2Go’ with the same name as the playlist. For example if you created playlists News, eBooks and Study Notes then your folder structure would look as follows.

\My Music\Text2Go\News

\My Music\Text2Go\eBooks

\My Music\Text2Go\Study Notes

When Text2Go is installed it will detect whether you have iTunes installed or not. If you don’t have iTunes installed, then the option to export tracks to iTunes will be hidden.

If you do have iTunes installed, then Text2Go assumes you have an iPod and will integrate directly with iTunes. It will hide support for direct output to MP3 files. For those iTunes users who also want to be able to create MP3 files directly, it’s possible to enable this feature through the Text2Go options. This will allow you to send a track to either an iTunes playlist or an MP3 playlist as described above.

The new version of Text2Go is currently in beta. A formal release will be available in the very near future and will include a couple of significant new features that will benefit both iPod and MP3 player owners.

You can download and try the beta version of Text2Go today that includes support for MP3 players. We’d love to hear what you think.



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