Text2Go Tip – Queuing text to speech jobs

November 26, 2007 at 7:48 pm | Posted in eBook, text to speech, Text2Go | Comments Off on Text2Go Tip – Queuing text to speech jobs

Text2Go displays the number of remaining documents in its text to speech processing queueOne thing that may not be completely obvious about Text2Go, is that once you’ve hit the Text2Go button and the text to speech operation begins, you are free to navigate to a new web page or even close Internet Explorer. Text2Go will continue to process the document in the background.

Similarly, if you have a number of articles you wish to convert to speech or are converting an eBook chapter by chapter, you don’t have to wait for one document to finish before starting the next. Text2Go simply maintains a queue of documents and will convert each to speech in turn.


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