How to Choose the Perfect iPod Gift this Christmas

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The iPod Family (from left to right) - touch, classic, nano, shuffleWith a new range of iPods released this year, there has never been a better time to give an iPod. Use this guide to find the perfect iPod for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member.

Firstly, here are a few situations where an iPod is not an appropriate gift:

They already own an iPhone or iPod. Remember an iPhone is actually an iPod + a mobile phone. Don’t despair, there are a huge range of iPod accessories out there.

They work for Microsoft. Considering that Microsoft sell a competing MP3 player, the Zune, it’s probably bad form for Microsoft employees to be caught with an iPod. In the same vein, stay away from the Playstation and all software (especially web-based services).

They run Linux. The proprietary, commercial nature of Apple and the iPod make them the antithesis of Linux and the open source movement. To give a Linux user an iPod is to insult their belief system. If you must give an iPod, it’s imperative that you erase the original firmware, install at least two Linux distros that can be accessed from a boot menu and cover up all Apple logos with ‘Linux Inside’ stickers.

They’re a super-geek. A super-geek will never be happy with an iPod because it’s feature-poor (no built-in radio tuner, voice recorder, digital camera, blue-tooth, email client, paint program, web server, or nostril tweezers), has less storage capacity per dollar than other competing products, is not upgradeable (hell you can’t even change the battery yourself), can’t be overclocked, has a distinct lack of buttons (none of which are back-lit) and doesn’t come standard with full-sized headphones / earmuffs.

If none of the above apply then choose your recipient from the list below and we’ll have you sorted in no time.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Girlfriend

Don’t even think about a Shuffle. You’ll appear cheap or worse still, send the message that your girlfriend is also bottom of the range.

Instead go for a new iPod Nano. It’s small size and range of colours make it an ideal fashion accessory. For bonus points, buy the Product RED version and Apple will donate a portion of the purchase price to fight AIDS in Africa. Just make sure that your girlfriend can wear red.

If you’re really unsure about what colour to choose, go for grey and let your girlfriend choose an appropriately coloured case or arm band.

Buy direct from the Apple store and you can have a personal message engraved on the back. If you’re unsure who you’ll be with come Christmas day, use a pet name. Then if circumstances change, it’s just a matter of getting your new girlfriend used to her pet name.

The Nano comes in 4GB and 8GB versions. You can probably get away with 4GB but if you’re in trouble, go for the 8GB.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Wife

Don’t even think about a Shuffle. She knows you’re cheap by now but you still don’t want to send the message that you think she’s bottom of the range.

Again go for a Nano but by now you better know exactly which colour suits your wife. Be prepared to back up your decision on Christmas morning. For example if you wife grills you on why you went for red when she doesn’t own a single red outfit, don’t blurt out “It matches your eyes”. Instead remind her of the good you’re doing in Africa.

Make sure you have a personalized message engraved. Make it a good one, and it won’t matter if you get the colour wrong.

Buy the 8GB version because lets face it, if you’re not already in trouble, you will be by Christmas.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Husband

Don’t even think about a Shuffle. Although he’ll appreciate the price if you’re spending his money, it’s too small and not high tech enough.

Size matters and the Nano is also too small. The only exception is if your husband is a keen runner (or thinks he is), in which case an 8GB black Nano is perfect.

This leaves the Classic, the Touch and the iPhone.

If he needs a mobile phone and the iPhone is available in your country, go for an iPhone. It’s the coolest, most high tech phone around.

The choice between the Classic and the Touch comes down to how sophisticated your husband thinks he is (important distinction – not how sophisticated you think he is).

If you’re husband always has to have the biggest of everything (for example if his mates have 4 burner BBQs, he has a 12 burner with roasting hood & dedicated wok burner) then go for a Classic. It’s the biggest iPod in both physical size and storage capacity. It’s imperative that you buy the 160GB version. If you only buy the 80GB version then it will always be referred to as the mistake made by the wife “It’s only 80GB, the wife gave it to me as a gift. It’s inconvenient but I manage. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” Don’t be practical and think that because his entire music collection fits into 10GB, he will never need more than 80GB.

If your husband is more sophisticated and prefers refinement over brute strength and size ( for example whereas his mates own 100-inch rear-projection TVs, he owns a 42-inch true high definition LCD) then you need to choose the Touch. He’ll love the revolutionary multi-touch interface, built-in wifi, web browser, YouTube browser, and cover flow effect. He may even listen to some music on it.

Personalized engraving sounds like a good idea and if you ask your husband about it, he’ll say he loves it. However this sort of thing fills any husband with dread. He knows that from any time now until the end of his natural life you will be able to hit him with a pop quiz at random intervals ranging from 1 to 10 years. To pass this test he will be forced not only to remember that there was a personalized message engraved on the back but be able to recite it word perfect.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Boyfriend

Think of the Boyfriend as a naive, romantic version of the Husband. All the same rules apply, except when it comes to engraving the personalized message. Go ahead and use up every square inch of available space. Having never experienced the pop quiz he will have no idea of the danger that lies ahead. Then in a year’s time when you need a bit of leverage (in truth any time after 4 weeks will be just as effective), hit him with his first pop quiz and watch him squirm.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Younger Brother or Sister

When buying an iPod for a younger sibling, it’s important to maintain your natural pecking order. Never buy an iPod of equal or greater capability than your own. This is where the smaller storage capacities come in handy. For example if you have a 8Gb Nano, then buy them the 4Gb model and thank Apple that iPods are not upgradeable.

The Shuffle makes an excellent first iPod. It’s simple, rugged and there’s no question that it’s the smallest and least capable in the range.

The Touch and Classic are clearly big brothers of the Shuffle and Nano but it’s a little ambiguous as to which is more senior between the Touch and Classic. Therefore if you own a Touch, don’t buy your younger sibling a Classic or vice versa. If you do, you’ll be in for hours of tedious arguments as to which model is better.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Older Brother or Sister

Your first instinct will be to rush out and buy them a Shuffle. But stop and ask yourself this ‘Why don’t they already have an iPod?’ Is it perhaps because they don’t have a use for one? Don’t let this put you off. Instead the question is not so much which model will suit them best but which model you would most like to borrow?

A good option would be the Classic with its high storage capacity of 80 or 160GB. This will allow you to fit both your music collection and theirs on the device at the same time. Convenient for those rare occasions when they will want to borrow it back.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for your Child

 If they’re under the age of 8 then you will get away with a Shuffle.

You can’t go wrong with a Nano for any age group or gender and can easily get away with the 4 GB model.

The Touch will appeal more to boys as they are easily impressed by technology for technology’s sake.

The Classic will appeal to the child who wants the biggest of everything (e.g. when other children were asking for a pony, yours wanted a horse).

Stay away from the iPhone unless they have a well-paid job or you’re prepared to pay their monthly phone bills.

Choosing the Perfect iPod for a Parent or Grandparent

They may be gen-B or C but they still appreciate music, and decent music at that.

The Shuffle is again a poor choice. With fading memories and dimming eyesight, they will spend more time looking for the darn thing than listening to it. Add to this the fact that they’ve spent all their life trying to gain control of the universe, it’s a fair bet they won’t appreciate the randomness of the Shuffle. The final nail in the coffin is the limited storage, requiring them to have enough technical aptitude to resync different parts of their music collection to the device.

The Nano is similarly too small. Not only will it get lost but video playback on that tiny screen will be viewed as an insult rather than a feature.

 The Touch is also not an appropriate device. With fingers swollen to the size of bananas by hard, physical work and arthritis, the multi-touch interface will appear to be designed to torment them.

The Classic on the other hand is perfect. It’s easy to hold in the hand and control, it’s solid, dependable, has been around the longest and has enough storage space to hold their entire music collection, assuming of course that you can find a way to rip vinyl. Even the name is perfect.



  1. How to Choose the Perfect iPod Gift this Christmas

    With a new range of iPods released this year, there has never been a better time to give an iPod. Use this guide to find the perfect iPod for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member.

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