The Top 13 DRM-free eBook Sites

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The Top 13 DRM-free eBook SitesWith the holidays upon us, many of us can think of nothing better than curling up with a good book. Therefore I  thought it a good time to compile a list of the top DRM-free eBook sites. If you want to know what DRM is and why it’s bad when it comes to eBooks, see my previous post on The Perils of DRM-protected eBooks.

The following sites contain either completely free or DRM-free eBooks. Note that you may still be required to pay for a DRM-free eBook, although the cost is usually very reasonable, often around the price of a cup of coffee.

So without further ado…

UPDATE 5th November 2008 – I’ve created a new site called eBooks Just Published that announces new DRM-free ebook releases. Readers can subscribe using RSS or subscribe to a weekly email newsletter. The site is very new but I’m hoping to be able to announce at least one new ebook every day. Only completely DRM-free ebooks will ever be announced on the site.

1. Project Gutenburg

The grand-daddy of eBook collections, Project Gutenburg has over 20,000 free eBooks and contains classic works from authors such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austin.

2. Project Gutenburg Australia

A sister project to the main Project Gutenburg site, the Australian site has 1500 additional eBooks which are public domain in Australia (the works of authors who died before 1955). These may be still under copyright in your country, so check before you download them. The site also includes Australian literature, eBook reviews and various listings based on different categories such as children’s literature, classics, bestsellers, etc.


Another very large collection, sourced mainly from Project Gutenburg. There are some additional public domain and creative commons works from other sources. What offers over Project Gutenburg is the ability to download the eBooks in a huge variety of formats suitable for display on a wide range of mobile devices. The site also receives several book reviews per day from readers.

4. Webscriptions and Baen Free Library

The most well-known Science Fiction collection around is the popular Baen Books. I’ve mentioned this site before this site before and I’ve found the books on this site to be of a very high standard.

The Baen Free Library mostly has starter books in a series and sample books for authors who have many other books for sale. These are offered for free to entice you to buy other books from the same authors.

Baen also runs the Webscriptions website, selling non-DRM e-books from over 200 SF and Fantasy authors. The e-book prices are extremely fair and well below paperback prices. Downloads are available in formats that cover all e-book readers. There is also a subscription model that offers a package of 5-7 novels per month.

5. Fictionwise

This site has both DRM-protected and DRM-free eBooks. DRM-free eBooks are listed as ‘Multiformat’ and it’s possible to restrict searching  and browsing to just Multiformat eBooks. This site is well laid out and easily searchable. For example you can browse a specific genre and sort by Bestseller or Most Highly rated.

6. Double Dragon Publishing

A small independent Canadian publisher, Double Dragon Publishing has over 500 eBook titles in various genres, including Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance. Most are priced at $5.99 but there’s a collection of 74 ‘Dollar Downloads’ which range in price from ‘free’ to $1.99.

7. Dr Who Classic Series

The BBC has made a number of rare and acclaimed Dr Who novels freely available. These can be read online or downloaded in PDF or the popular mobile formats.


This site has a good collection of very affordable eBooks but seems to have suffered from inflationary pressures as eBooks from range in price from $1 to $3.99. Still you can’t really complain when you can buy an entire novel for the price of a cup of coffee. Each book is reviewed and also provides links to any external reviews. Many of the books allow you to read the first chapter for free.

9. Cory Doctorow

A science-fiction novelist who makes his novels available as free downloads at the same time as they go to print. All his books have received rave reviews.


The URL says it all. has a good collection of free eBooks in various genres. Each book includes reader ratings and reviews.

11. Speculative Fiction Review

A publisher of science fiction, suspense, thrillers, topical and mixed-genre fiction, Speculative Fiction Review has a small but highly rated selection of eBooks in Adobe Acrobat format. None of their eBooks have any DRM.

12. iFiction

The iTunes of eBooks, iFiction allows you to read the first part of a novel for free and then you can pay a small amount (usually less than $1) to read the rest. It doesn’t have as many eBooks as iTunes has music tracks yet. The site is maintained by author Andrew Burt.

13. Steve Jordan Books

I’m currently reading and enjoying Steve Jordan’s latest novel ‘As the Mirror Cracks’. Steve Jordan is an author who publishes his own works in eBook format. His novels are $2.50 and he also has a number of short stories available for free.

UPDATE – A few great sites I missed the first time around

14. Free

FreeTechBooks has a nice collection of free Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Programming books.

15. has a pleasant Web 2.0 look. One feature I like is the ability to browse books by publication date, so you can quickly find recent works.

16. MobileRead Forums

Check out the ‘eBook Uploads‘ forum group which has over 3000 hand-compiled eBooks available for download. MobileRead Forums is also a great place to find any eBook / Mobile reader related news and information.

Let me know of any great sources I’ve missed.

If you don’t like reading from a screen or just can’t be bothered, why not try converting your eBook from text to speech so that you can listen to it on your iPod or MP3 player. Check out this recent post 4 Quick Tips When Converting eBooks from Text to Speech



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  4. Baen’s Webscriptions service is only “subscription-like” in that they give phased early access to the books during the months before publication (first-half 2.5 months ahead; 3/4 of the book 1.5 months ahead; full book .5 months ahead). Once a month goes up, it’s permanently up in full. Webscriptions also sells single books and bundles of eBooks that aren’t part of Baen’s paper publication stream. Recent examples include Lee & Miller’s complete Liaden books, Niven & Pournelle’s complete CoDominium future history, a re-issue of all of A. Bertram Chandler’s ‘Grimes’ stories, and several others.

    You may also want to point out the existence of two DRM-free magazines from Baen: ‘Jim Baen’s Universe’ at and ‘The Grantville Gazzette’ at JBU is now the highest paying market for SF and Fantasy short fiction. It’s published 6 times a year, packed with good stories (see earlier comment about highest paying market…), and is completely DRM-free. The Grantville Gazzette carries stories in Eric Flint’s ‘1632’ series. It’s a pro magazine (according to SFWA) that is published 6 times yearly, packed with good stories and fact articles, and is completely DRM-free. Back-issues of both are available.

    Btw… I’m not affiliated with Baen, the Grantville Gazzette, or JBU in any way (except as a satisfied customer). Did I remember to mention that all their books and magazines are completely DRM free?

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  16. Thank you for the excellent list! (Please correct the spelling of Jane Austen’s name in the paragraph about Project Gutenberg.) 🙂

  17. This is an excellent list! Do you think you could add Free Book Quest to it? I like that site too.

  18. Ignore the poster about, it is completely full of bad bad drm crap.

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  22. AKW Books ( publishes DRM-free eBooks in all genres, both fiction and non-fiction (no porn or erotica). Writing quality is comparable to paper books by the big NY publishing houses.

    Prices generally vary around $4 depending upon value and length. Free Book Club discounts are available starting at 10%. Club members receive a monthly newsletter with additional discounts.

    We currently publish in five formats: ePub, Microsoft’s LIT, MobiPocket’s prc, unprotected Kindle, and Adobe’s PDF.

    New feature: Free samples available in PDF format for many of the books.

  23. offers free ebooks as well as audio books for you to share, and lets you trade yours for others you may want to read.

  24. Fantasy readers might like to know that I do not put DRM on any of my fantasy novels found at The first novel is completely free. 7 formats including epub available.

  25. […] This list is impressive and also leads to cheap sources for ebooks, too. I’m perfectly happy paying for ebooks (just like real books), though I’m not at all happy about paying more than the paperback price for an older book. […]

  26. DRM free ebooks are good but just getting tons of free ebooks without paying is great check out for a list of free ebook websites

  27. It’s nice getting free eBooks, but in many (most?) cases, you get exactly what you paid for. The big exception is classics that are out of copyright, like the ones on Project Gutenberg.

    You can still get fine books at a good price if you look around for eBooks that have been published by a real-live (not fake), selective publisher or from a known author who’s gone out on his own (and that’s starting to happen, especially with some mid-list authors).

    Amazon is coming up with a new rate schedule that encourages publishers to cap their prices at $9.99. We at AKW Books try to undersell the average Amazon price (based on book size) by at least 15% (and keep ours DRM-free) and I’ll bet a lot more small publishers and sales outlets will also try to compete on price.

    With the advent of the iPad and Apple’s iBookstore along with the coming of the new Google bookstore this summer, the competition for the eBook reader’s dollar will definitely heat up.

    The advantage of going with a selective publisher or a known author is that you’re more likely to get quality writing, unlike some self-publishers who are there because they can’t find a publisher who will put up with sub-standard work (note: not all self-published authors are lousy writers; some prefer to keep all the net proceeds themselves rather than share with a publisher).

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  36. Item #4 should read:
    4. Webscriptions and Baen Free Library

    The most well-known Science Fiction collection around is the popular Baen Books. I’ve mentioned this site before and I’ve found the books on this site to be of a very high standard.

    The Baen Free Library mostly has starter books in a series and sample books for authors who have many other books for sale. These are offered for free to entice you to buy other books from the same authors.

    Baen also runs the Webscriptions website, selling non-DRM e-books from over 200 SF and Fantasy authors. The e-book prices are extremely fair and well below paperback prices. Downloads are available in formats that cover all e-book readers. There is also a subscription model that offers a package of 5-7 novels per month.

    • Thanks Ed. I’ve updated the post.

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