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Definitely, Maybe movie reviewMy wife and I just went to see the film ‘Definitely, Maybe’ and both thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not rocket science but it’s entertaining and a cut above your average romantic comedy.

Daughter, Maya, has just had her first day of sex education at school. Full of questions, she cajoules her father, Will Hayes,  into recounting how he came to meet and marry her mother. Will has three likely woman in his past, all of them beautiful but each with their own distinctive charm and personality. He changes the names of the women during the retelling, which keeps Maya guessing as to who is her mother, right until the end. This also keeps the audience guessing. Unlike many movies, Definitely, Maybe starts a little weakly but improves as it goes on and provides a satisfying ending.

The film is set in the present day but as it’s told in flashback, the majority of the movie is set in New York during the early nineties. The period is defined as being pre to early internet days. I loved the scene where a cafe owner is hoisting a big sign in his window, declaring ‘Internet coming soon’ and the scene where Will, a political campaigner is trying to download a guest list for an important political dinner using a dial-up modem. The sound of two modems performing their audible handshaking ritual sends a shiver down my spine and makes me thankful for ADSL broadband.

Some may find the interruptions of the daughter during the movie a little annoying. Again I think that as the film progresses, she becomes more likeable and turns out to be more than just a plot device. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for this technique as my favourite movie of all time (The Princess Bride) does the same. Abigail Breslin’s performance as the daughter is convincing and I’m afraid it won’t be too long until my own daughter starts to ask the same sort of questions.

One of the central elements in the movie is a copy of ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë. It has special significance for one of the women, although to avoid a possible spoiler I won’t elaborate further. Jane Eyre is out of copyright and available for free download from Project Gutenburg here, so I’m going to download it and convert it to speech with Text2Go so that I can listen to during my daily commute. I just hope writer/director Adam Brooks’ taste in English literature is as good as his movies.

Update – Where can you get those wireless earbuds that Will uses in the opening scene?

You can’t. They’re not for sale yet. Why do I know this. Because if they were available they’d come up in the top position for the Google search ‘Definitely Maybe wireless earbuds’ and there would be about 10 Adwords ads for ‘Definitely Maybe wireless earbuds’ in the right hand column.

There are a couple of really clunky looking products available now but they are not the ones featured in the movie. All I can hope is that someone’s doing some prelaunch marketing and they will be available soon. It would be nice to say goodbye to tangled earbud chords!



  1. What was the quote from Jane Eyre that April’s father wrote in the inscription to the book that he gave her?

    • Please let me know the quote from Jane Eyre that the father wrote in the heroine’s book.

  2. Hello Christine,

    I believe the inscription was taken from the poem Evening Solace by Charlotte Bronte.



  3. I went to see this film on 3/6/08. I really enjoyed the movie. I would recommend this as a “must see” for those who like to go to the movies as a family.

  4. Thank you Mark- for answering the question I was about to post; The one regarding the insciption on April’s book. I’ve been looking for it for months! 😛 It was an awesome movie. Made me smile & made me cry 😉


  5. Hey,

    I believe the headphones are out now.
    Sennheiser MX W1 pricey, but nice 🙂

    So where can i get a copy of the audio file of the Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë book.

  6. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for the tipoff on the Sennheiser MW W1 wireless headphones! They certainly are the closest looking to those featured in the movie and have already won an award (

    They have been reviewed by PCMag here (,2817,2282771,00.asp).

    You’re right though, at $499US they are extremely pricey!

    These wireless headphones use Kleer technology which is different from bluetooth – Kleer uses a lot less power and provides better audio quality.

    I would be interested to see how big their transmitter is and how easily it attaches to your iPod. If it’s too bulky it’s not going to be much fun to lug around, especially considering how slim the iPods are these days.

    Regarding your question on getting Jane Eyre’ as an audio file. Download Text2Go and the trial RealSpeak voice (see links above) and use it to convert the text of Jane Eyre’ to speech. You can then listen to the audio file on your iPod or MP3 player.

  7. Question about that quote, in the movie didn’t they say that the quote was from the book itself? I don’t remember it in the book, and couldn’t find it, but all the other sites that are talking about the movie and the quote seem to think it was from the book. My question is, if it IS in the book, where is it? Was the poem requoted in the book at all? Because the link that Mark posted to Evening Solace is definitely the same quote as in the movie. I for one, am confused.
    Any answers?

  8. wireless headphones are the best because they do not have those bulky wires .”-

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