Are you Frustrated When you Don’t get a Reply from Technical Support?

February 22, 2008 at 10:27 am | Posted in Text2Go | 1 Comment

We pride ourselves on providing great support for our Text2Go users. However sometimes things go wrong. For instance.

1. A technical support request is received via email.

2. We send a timely reply.

3. We receive an automated response that states the customer’s email Inbox is full and our reply couldn’t be delivered. Horror of horrors – we can’t contact them by email.

4. We start to receive further requests from the same customer, who is becoming increasingly frustrated.

What to do?

Try to contact them using old-fashioned alternative means. Unfortunately the customer didn’t supply a phone number but they did supply a mail address.

Therefore we’ve sent them a reply via snail mail with an answer to their problem and a plea to clear out their Inbox.

Unfortunately this is going to take a few days to arrive, all the while their frustration levels are going to continue to rise. I can feel my ears burning right now 🙂

Therefore I’m really hoping that the said customer will read this and clear our their Inbox.


It seems that snail mail is still more reliable than email. The customer received the letter we sent, cleared out their inbox and we were able to resolve their support issue.


1 Comment

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