I hate to admit it, but watching my child’s swimming lesson is becoming tedious.

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The Dreaded Swimming LessonMy daughter currently has a swimming lesson once a week on a Tuesday evening. At first I was very excited, as I was able to knock off work a little early and be home in time to take her to her lesson. A few weeks in and I’m ashamed to admit it but it’s becoming a little tedious.

The problem is that it’s a group lesson with 3 other kids, so my daughter is only in action 25% of the time. It’s only a ½ hour lesson but then I let her have another ½ hour after the lesson to muck around in the pool.

Some of the other parents must also be finding it tough going. They come armed with an array of reading material. Books, magazines and newspapers are commonplace.

The thing is I really like to show my daughter support. If my head is buried in a newspaper when she looks up to see if I’m watching (which she does regularly – perhaps too often if truth be told), she’s going to be very disappointed. I’m also genuinely interested in watching her progress. I find it one of the most satisfying things as a parent, watching my kids develop over time.

Then it hit me. Text2Go is just perfect for this situation. I can listen to an eBook, article or collection of blog posts on my iPod while I keep my eyes on my daughter at all times. During the lesson I can offer encouragement and after the lesson I can just keep an eye on her so that she’s safe while playing in the pool.

This is definitely going to be the plan for next week’s lesson. The biggest problem I foresee is going to be the background noise level. The noise generated by 100 kids in an enclosed pool with concrete walls that bounce the sound back and forth is extreme. The standard iPod earbuds don’t actually block out a lot of outside noise. I know that Sennheiser make some iPod earbuds that include a set of earfit rings of varing sizes. These allow you to find the size that best fits your ear, creating a tighter seal between ear and earbud, and hence blocking out more background noise.

The next level up is to buy some earbuds or headphones that have active noise cancellation. These may be necessary in this situation. I’ll find out next week.


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