Graphic designer listens to scripture readings and Minnesota Twins commentary during daily commute.

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I have recently started a campaign to find out a bit about my Text2Go users and how they are making use of Text2Go. This third story is from Matthew, who was brave enough to be one of my very first beta testers. Matthew has provided a wealth of excellent feedback and support since then, so it’s with great pleasure that I publish his story here.

Text2Go has become part of my daily life. I use it on my morning commute to listen to blogs and articles that I otherwise would have spent time reading later in the day. I found Text2Go while searching the web for just such a program though at the time I didn’t even know if one existed. My wife and I work in cities about 75 miles apart and had decided to move to her town since she typically puts in more hours then me. I’m a graphic designer for a large international technology company which allows me to work from home a couple days at week so the move was kind of a no brainier. However, this meant that I would now be spending just under two and a half hours in my car on days I do have to commute. I knew there must be a way to make better use of my time and started to brainstorm different ideas for things I could accomplish on my drive. One thought I had was that I could convert some of the reading I do every day to spoken audio files on my iPod and that’s when I found Text2Go. It was still in its beta stage so I tried it out and found that the program was easy to use and the voices were realistic and easy to listen to.

Now my routine involves converting daily scripture readings and reflections to my iPod in the morning while I get ready for work and then listening to them on my drive in. For my drive home I’ll often convert blog articles and comments on my favorite sports team, the Minnesota Twins, or other articles I find that look interesting but are too long for a quick read. The end result is that I actually look forward to my drive and am able to spend more time away from my computer when at home. My commute doesn’t seem that long anymore and quite frankly I think I’d miss it if I changed jobs to one closer to home.

Even on the days I’m at home I’ll use Text2Go to have the computer read web pages to me while I’m busy doing other things. I also use it to proof important emails which really helps avoiding leaving words out of sentences or typing a word twice. All in all I find that Text2Go is one of the most used and useful programs on my computer and I’m very glad that I found it. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.


Thank you very much Matthew for taking the time to share your story. If you would like to share your experience, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


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