How to Generate Traffic to Your Website eBook Review

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How to Generate More Traffic to Your Website eBook ReviewIt seems that half the content appearing on the web these days is about how to increase the traffic to your blog or website. So why would you need to buy an eBook on the subject?

Well I did and here’s why I think it was well worth it.

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website is written by Stephane Grenier, founder of LandlordMax Software Inc, a small software company (or microISV) that develops software to help investors and property managers, manage their property portfolios.

The book is based on Stephane’s experiences over the last few years of marketing and promoting his software company online. This makes the content highly relevant to myself, as I strive to improve the marketing of my own software product Text2Go. I found the examples and statistics quoted in the book fascinating.

The material would also be relevant to anyone starting a small online business, not just a software business. I’m sure the issues are the same. Limited time, little to no marketing budget and 100 tasks all competing for your attention.

Stephane covers an impression range of traffic generation techniques in his book, the highlights being SEO, content generation, freebies, blogging, Google Adwords, press releases and social networking.

I found each topic was covered to just the right level of detail. As you can imagine, separate books could easily be written about each of the above topics. However when running a small business you don’t have the time to become an expert on every possible online marketing strategy. Stephane provides enough information on each topic to get results. Each of the major topics also includes excellent references to more indepth sources of information.

Stephanes writing style is clear and easy to follow. The writing is illustrated with plenty of interesting graphs and screenshots.

One of the highlights of the book for me was the sense of balance and perspective that is shown. For example, it’s possible to endlessly tweak your Adwords campaigns or your onsite SEO. However, Stephane repeatly emphases the point that you need to look at the ROI of your time. I also think the fact that he’s not advocating a single traffic generation technique means that he’s not afraid of recommending you weigh up each technique when deciding on how to make your next improvement. One really useful tip he makes is to play to your strengths. For example if you write great content for your blog and you enjoy it, then do more of that rather than trying to become an expert in another technique such as Google Adwords.

The other highlight was an emphasis on persistence. It’s very easy to say that getting an article on the front page of Digg will generate a lot of traffic to your site (so much so that Stephane spends a fair bit of time on how best to prepare your server for the onslaught). However getting on the front page of Digg is not easy and won’t happen the first time you try. It was nice to hear Stephane candidly recount his own experiences, stressing that it takes time and persistence.

In conclusion, How to Generate Traffic to Your Website contains a wealth of really useful information that’s well organised and clearly presented. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to other small online software and non-software business owners. At $28.95 (or a couple of hundred Google PPCs) the ROI will be very quick.








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