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Today I thought I’d feature three Text2Go users to illustrate that there’s no ‘typical’ Text2Go user.

1. The first is TJ Etherton, an enthusiastic coin collector, who has created iKollect.com, a free, online inventory management system that’s tailored specifically for cataloguing collectables, such as coins, model trains, etc. TJ has a great blog where he discusses productivity experiments (Jott, Text2Go) and his plan to monetize iKollect.com so he can achieve the goal of quitting his day job by the end of the year. I really hope TJ reaches his goal, as it’s also my primary goal, although I haven’t been brave enough to set a deadline on this yet. It’s not that I hate my day job, it’s more that I’ve got so many ideas for Text2Go that I’d love to be able to work on it full time. The lifestyle is also very appealing – working from home, being completely responsible for success or failure and the ability to structure your day around your family.

Now I don’t claim to know anything about coin collecting or inventory management but one obvious approach to monetizing iKollect.com is to offer a premium service that would have some associated charges. The trick is to offer enough value that existing and new members would be willing to pay for it. One possible service would be integration with eBay. This service would allow collectors to quickly list items from their collection on eBay. As items are bought and sold, they could be automatically added/removed from iKollect. Another useful service would be to automatically watch eBay listings for items that are similar to those in a collectors’ existing inventory that they may wish to purchase. I’d imagine this could work something like Amazon’s book recommendations.

 Good luck TJ! I’ll be following your progress with interest.


2. Brad Isaacs. Brad has a very popular goal-setting and productivity blog called  Persistence Unlimited. Just the name is an inspiration to me. As I constantly juggle an overwhelming number of tasks each day, ‘persistence unlimited’ is a useful mantra to keep me heading towards my goals. Brad is also a software developer and author of the ‘Achieve-IT’ goal setting software.


3. Jenna Sweeney. Jenna is the President of CramerSweeny Instructional Design.  She has a very interesting blog on Corporate Training and e-Learning. Forget dull Powerpoint presentations. Modern corporate training is now being delivered through virtual online worlds, such as Second-Life. I’ll certainly have to look up Jenna, when Tumbywood Software becomes a large corporation and I need some interesting ways of delivering training to my minions highly valued staff 🙂



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