I’m addicted to iTunes updates!

May 6, 2008 at 10:22 pm | Posted in iPod, iTunes | 1 Comment

A new version of iTunes is available. Do you want to update?I haven’t run iTunes today.

I wonder if I’m still running the latest version?

Open iTunes.

Voila! A new version of iTunes ( is available. Would you like to download it now?

Shock horror. I’m only running

I must have those performance and stability enhancements now.

Please, Apple hit me with another 50MB.

Please throw in a copy of Quicktime while you’re at it. Never mind that I’ve downloaded the same version 20 times before.

30 minutes later, install and run the new version.

iTunes version may look exactly the same as but it does feel a little more stable and a little more responsive.

Just to be safe, I’d better check for new updates that may have come in while I was doing my update.

No new updates available.

Ah! Calm has been restored.

I love my iPod/iTunes but seriously Apple, for a company that prides itself on useability your iTunes update technology is a joke. I’m all for regular updates but surely you’ve heard of patch technology? Why on earth do you insist on bundling in Quicktime as well?

Here are the changes I’d like to see.

1. Use patch technology so that I only have to download the differences between my current version and the new version.

2. Don’t ask me. Just do it silently in the background. This includes both the download and the install.

3. The next time I open iTunes, let me know about new features that I can use. Don’t tell me about performance and stability enhancements. While it’s great that you’re continually improving the quality of your software, I really don’t want to know about every little bug fix.

Perhaps you could update your update technology in the next update? I’ll keep feeding my update addiction in the hope that you do!



1 Comment

  1. So true. Such a shame they invested their usability efforts on the iPod and forgot to create killer software to come with it. I say kill iTunes, start something new.

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