Text2Go Now Supports Hotkeys

August 27, 2009 at 9:45 pm | Posted in text to speech, Text2Go | 2 Comments

Text2Go 3.7.3 has been released today. It’s a minor release that includes support for hotkeys and the ability to skip forward and back a sentence or paragraph when reading aloud at your PC.

Hotkeys can be configured by going to Options… and selecting the Hotkeys tab.


To add a hotkey, select a command from the list, click in the text box where it says Press hotkeys, and hold down the key combination you want to assign to the command. When you’re happy with the key combination, click the Assign button to assign it to the command.

The Text2Go toolbar has been enhanced to include controls to skip forward and back a sentence or paragraph. These additional controls only appear when text is being spoken.


Skipping back a sentence or paragraph is a little tricky. If you’re more than 2 seconds¬†into a sentence or paragraph, Text2Go will take you back to the start of the current sentence or paragraph. If you’re less than 2 seconds into¬† a sentence or paragraph, Text2Go will take you to the start of the previous sentence or paragraph. This works in much the same way as music players work when skipping back a track.

If you’re wondering whether Text2Go is compatible with Windows 7, I’m happy to report the answer is a definite yes! I’ve been running Text2Go without problem on Windows 7 64-bit since the release candidate. I didn’t have to make any changes to Text2Go to support Windows 7. Text2Go already supported Windows Vista and there aren’t a huge amount of architectural changes between Windows Vista and Windows 7. This means that just about all software than runs on Windows Vista will run on Windows 7. I’m really loving using Windows 7. Microsoft really have got it right this time.


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