Text2Go 4 Released – Now converts eBooks to Audiobooks

November 14, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Posted in eBook, text to speech, Text2Go | 1 Comment

Text2Go - Now supports ebook to audiobook conversionText2Go 4.0.2 has been released today. The major new feature is ebook to audiobook conversion. Text2Go reads ebooks in the open ebook format know as ePub (.epub), html (.htm or .html) and plain text files (.txt). The ePub format is preferred. If you have an iPod, Text2Go will create an audiobook complete with chapter marks. If you have another MP3 player, Text2Go will create one MP3 file per chapter and name them so they will appear in the correct order.

There is a tutorial on the Text2Go website that guides you through the process.

Changes since the beta include

  • A faster text to speech process, resulting in quicker ebook to audiobook conversion.
  • Support for DAISY text-only DTBooks.
  • Improved ‘Split by Section’ command. It now recognises more variations of chapter headings.
  • Support for ebooks containing drop-caps represented as an images.
  • Correctly reports progress for ebooks with over 100 chapters.
  • Now asks the user if they wish to share pronunciation corrections the first time they create a correction. Previously this was on by default.

You can download it directly here. Existing Text2Go users – make sure you uninstall your current version first.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated in the beta test and provided feedback. You input was invaluable.



1 Comment

  1. This is quite an impressive thing, now as I have iPod with me would love to have audio book with all the chapters marked on my iPod. I am definitely going to enjoy this.

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