Welcome to the Text2Go blog. Text2Go is a software tool that lets you capture text from the web, convert it to speech and transfer it to your iPod so you can listen to it on the go. It runs on Windows PC’s and integrates with Internet Explorer and iTunes.

Text2Go is developed by Tumbywood Software, a small, single person software company (Micro-ISV) based on the Mornington peninsula, about 45 minutes south of Melbourne, Australia. That single person is myself, Mark Gladding, although in reality my wife Donna, also provides invaluable support.

I am using this blog to record the trials and tribulations of starting and running a small software company.



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  1. Hi

    I remember you from BoS. Just stopped by to see how everything was going. Any progress? Any sales yet? 🙂

    Your product is actually a great idea. I have this need personally and I believe online magazines are going to eventually catch up. In fact I remember seeing one (don’t remember which) offering articles in MP3 format, but the quality of the speech was rather poor, so I stopped using it, but maybe you can help them?

    Best of luck!

  2. Hello Ed,

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I’ve just put a post up on current progress. I’m still a little way off from celebrating that first sale but am enjoying the journey. Thanks for the encouragement.



  3. Hi,

    Someone mentioned your product on my site and thought I’d take a look. It’s certainly an interesting blog! All the very best with the product launch.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hello Jamie,

    Nice site. Well worth mentioning, so I’ve done a quick post

    Business Mobile

    All the best,


    In a world of computers and fantastic technology,the working place has been transformated for most people in one where all work processed is done faster,is multiplied and so the stress;added to that,the economic situation,the result:more hours at work,less time for home leisure and activities.
    At the same time this marvelous technology can make of the long hours of work,a time to enjoy and learn.
    Many years ago I found myself while trying to study at day,working evenings in a silent environment of empty offices;being a repetitive maintenance work I found to require almost no conscious effort,therefore,my brain was free to be
    used in what I love to do:reading,well,exactly Listening books on tape.Working across the street from the central library did provide me with abundant material.With no time at home my job became my learning place.
    The advent of the Ipod a dream became reality,the only problem:years of accumulated internet reading and ebooks and no time to read them.Then,one night with eyes fatigued and time limited did try to find the answer in the net and found with delight what most people don’t know [except for computer people]text to audio convertio for people’s use,and one in particular:Text2go uniquewayto transfer directly to Ipod.The voice of Daniel and Isabel keep me company all the time at work reading my books and articles,and they never take a break.As I wrote before the missing link of internet-Ipod was found and Text2go deserves all the credit.Thanks to the efforts of its creator many people can now make good use of precious time.
    The bottom line:Make of your vocation your vacation.
    Sincerelly:Jose Sarmiento,A satisfied customer.

  6. What about to start making your aplication working with other languages for example Bulgarian.Did you have any plans about that?

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  10. how do i get dictionary updates it says i have to register but i’ve done that

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